Hello hello imageIm Konstantin

I design and build things for the web.

About me

As a teenager I started building my first websites and got more and more interested in the web. After school, I started to study computer science as a bachelors degree at Volgograd State Technical Univesity. There, I started my developer journey. I was lucky to work in different companies: starting from the Russian travel aggregator to the San Francisco startup. Currently, I do web development and design on a freelance basis.

Interests & Skills

Product Management
Web Design
Web Development
Progressive Web Apps


👨‍💻 Startup Project
Lead Finder

Together with my partners, we launched a LEAD search telegram bot service in 2023. The app is supposed to automate lead search in Telegram.

Product DesignSEOProduct ManagementTelegramNode.js
lead-finder.com screenshot
👨‍💻 Startup Project

Together with my partner, we launched an AI-based influencer marketing platform in 2022. The app is supposed to connect businesses with youtube influencers. To win clients we integrated The AI-based solution to parse and score influencers. Also, a small team helped us to provide service at a low price.

Product DesignSEOProduct ManagementMarketingNext.js
catchblogger.com screenshot
👨‍💻 SEO Project

Back in 2021, I launched student services aggregator. The Next.JS site enabled customers to search for a better student service based on their needs/reviews.

Product DesignSEOProduct ManagementNext.js
studota club screenshot
👨‍💻 Coding Project
Telegram Bot

"Crypto Exchange" Telegram Bot let's you request relevant exchanging rate between FIAT/Crypto and track coins.

Node.jsTelegram API
telegram screenshot
👨‍💼 Client Project

Back in 2020, my friend started a handmade wedding invitations business. The requested web app had to be fast and easy to connect any database, so Gatsby.js was chosen. As a data source was selected the Contentful.

Web DevelopmentReactGatsbyContentful
valuer screenshot
👨‍💻 Coding Project

Another typical freekance project request is an e-shop. So I built one as an example. E-shop is a fully working application inspired with H&M website. It was a good practice. Frontend is based on Next.js connected to the Firebase.

e-shop screenshot
👨‍💻 Coding Project
Browser Game

Jump is a browser game like offline chrome dinasour. Implemented using plain JS and canvas with a custom game engine.

valuer screenshot

Contact Me


Feel free to reach out to me at any time, I am always interested in new stuff!

Konstantin Ovchinnikov